Bobby E Ward​
Lying Pastors - Blasphemy And Pastor Worshipping ....

How much do you trust your pastor? How do you feel about him or her? Well, I’m about to furnish you bible facts about them that will blow your mind. I am not going to pull punches because if I do I will be doing you an injustice. As I always say, if you can prove me wrong me wrong, I would like for you to do just that.

First of all, I’ll start with “Pastor Worshiping .” Why, because this is what everyone does that goes to a building claiming to worship God, whom is not there?  He, Jesus, clearly state, he does not live in a house made by hand. He stated, we are the temple of God and the word of God dwell in us. Not in a wooden or brick house. We are the house Jesus is talking about having the word of God living in us, telling or reminding us, for conscious sakes, how to act.

Each of us worship God from within us, being the written word that is in us. It’s like going to school for learning and relying on what we learned for the rest of our lives. It’s like we know and fear the written word or laws of our nation for the rest of our lives without having someone constantly reminding us.

To act upon any above, we need not return to each every hour or minute of the day to abide in either. What we know, we know. Not learning or getting the basic learning will harm us in the end. Not abiding by man made laws will get us some kind of punishment. So, you and I and only you and I are responsible for our actions. 

With Christianity, as explained above, we need no place to go to worship in beside our own bodies. Our worship is abiding in the word of God. We worship by remembering and obeying. Giving thanks through prayers to God and our service. Since Christ is a personal savior, and you claim you are a Christian, you need no one to help you remain so, unless you are not.

Running from yourself to find a place to worship is plain stupid, wrong, and sinful, especially, when Jesus sacrifice and death did away with temple worship, altars, sacrifices and priests. However, these have not been done away with by man, but, just replaced by ingnorant and slick sinful ministers as Christian worship buildings, pastor posing as priests, and of course, altars, that pastors have their followers kneel down or bow their heads in prayer before it.

Pastors have, over melliniums, devised and lied to their followers about what God will do for them they f they believe. They have convinced them that prayer will change and altar any situation. Though many things said by Jesus was related to his disciples, pastors and ministers still insits it’s for us, though they have never seen any proof of such. Only an occasional giving from Satan whom still reside here on earth with his demons. This giving, such as receiving money and lying on God as sending it to them is Satan way of holding his followers close to him. With this the pastor is doing the will of Satan. After all, Satan is the trickster and father of lies.

​Though the word of God must have someone to push Christianity, iChrist showed us how at Pentecost, when where dozens upon dozen individually carried the gospel from Jerusalem to other nations. This was supposed to be the way to get the gospel to the world. But, wicked ministers and laziness decided to create a business with it by having so called righteous people meet and worship together. Such was the case with the 7 Churches of Revelation where all finally failed. They do not exist today.

But pastors took this as not a failure, but a well paid business that if handled correctly and very cunningly could become very lucrative. All was needed was to get unlearned and simple people to believe in them first and God second. Even though they never heal or prevented death, pastors justification was, it was a sin to question God or blasphemy, where there is no forgiveness. Such brought fear of so-called questioning God. 

Pastor’s also convinced people that they were ordained by God to be leaders of the people and a church building must be built on a partial of land as they were told by God to do so. And the building will become a place of worship and the ground under and around it will be called “Holy Ground.” This is seeing as a great idea for both having a family church and a beautiful place to worship. This building will become a type of temple worship as they become great structures, elaborately layer out.

Pastors, having charming charisma have many followers Worshiping them first and God second. It is a fact that all people that falsely go this false church, go to see and hear the pastor. They are so much in love with them that they, as so-called Christians, are willing to pay them to tell them what they should already know, as a Christian, over and over again. 

If one need constantly told or reminded how to live right, then that person or people cannot be a Christian, but a pretender. However, this is how the false church is setup. Also, their followers treat their pastors or ministers as almost  gods. They eagerly run and do their bidding. They hide there sins from them, yet, sin before God when Their pastor’s are not around. They attend pastors needs hand and foot. If a conventions and special programs are held, the people does not say they’re going to worship God or hear the word of God, they say, “I’m going to hear this particular speaker”. “You should go hear this minister! “Have you heard this particular minister preach?


Did you know pastors and ministers cannot prove most thing they say about God. They cannot or we would have no doctors in which they go to. In fact, they tell you what God will do in time of sickness, yet, they have medical insurance they ay for just Incase they need a doctor or some other care. They cannot nor can anyone stop sickness or death or there would be no more sickness nor death.

They play on the minds of weak and more often sinners to believe in sayings that make no sense. For example, God will answer your prayer. If so, we would all be rich and never die. They lie and take things meant for disciples to be for today. Yet, they push this lie on us. 

They lie when they say, “God woke us up this morning and started us on our way”. If God did such a thing and knowing what we are going to do before we does it, then he woke every murderer, robber, baby raper, liar and such, also. Therefore, God knowing about each and what each will do, then God would be responsible for what they did since he knew what they were going to do before they did, yet, stopped no one. This would means that all church shootings was OKed by God.

However, this is a pastor lie and a lie told on God through all false churches... “Turn it over to God” is another lie told by pastors. There is nothing you can turn over to God to do you work or take care of your problems or situations. These are left in your own hands to do. There is a reason we go to word and have different types of economic services. We work together and judged on how we did at judgement. There is nobody human that can get The Almighty to come from heaven just to handle your problems. Once again, lying pastors!


​Pastors lie on God about prayer. They preach often on prayer. In fact prayer is the number 
​glue that hold the church building and people together. The basic of every false church is prayer for everything and believe prayer changes things.

Many followers follow lying ministers and swear God has done this or that for them. Pastors have them believing in prayer even when they see their prayers have fail to stop sickness to death. Yet, when someone dies after weeks of praying, the pastor has a “get out out jail free card”. They say to the family and member, “ it was the Lord’s will”. “ The Lord give the and the Lord take the”. Slick and works on the ignorant.

Many was disappointed when their false prayer failed to turn hurricanes around and stop distruction caused by it. Most church people caught in Hurricane Michale and Florence after believing in false prayer fled before the storm hit. Pastors and ministers was the first to close down churches and leave God there while they escape running for cover. Those pretending to hold hands and prayer circles also fled for safety.


Prayer is not God giving people power to change time and events. This would make us gods. Yet, lying pastors and misters would want you to believe such. If one really believe this then they should quit their jobs, ask for no help, go to no doctors, pay no bills, eat no more from stores, go to no pharmacy, drive no cars, take no form of medication or health pills, but sit around and pray for God to take care of you. Never will happen.

The question I will ask you is, “ what make you so great that other should suffer and not you’.

Just to prove church people in buildings are liars, I ask you this. “If your house catches on fire, who will you call to put it out, “God or the fire department”? If someone have guns and trying to break into your home, “who will you call, “God or the police?” Who was rescuing people before, during and after hurricanes, “was it God, or human rescuers. And lastly, “who is protecting us? “ “Is it God or the millions of military soldiers, Army, Air force, Marine and Navy and our government having the United States surround with destructive weapons, like, nuclear weapons, flying war plans over head, ships on the ocean and sea, with nuclear submarines under water. These weapons are pointed outward to keep us safe and the enemy out.


Prayer is Hope! I pray or hope thing go well or that I go to heaven when I die.. Prayer or praying to God keep us believing there is a higher power and this power is God. We believe in Christ and the work he did. Prayer keep us grounded. Through prayer we give thanks and praise. We honor God for the creation he gave and continue to give by way of food, clothing and shelter. All things made is for our enjoyment.

Power Never Given To Man

Who gave pastors and ministers, especially Evangelicals ministers, the power to tell a sinner, he or she  must wait 6 days , come to a building, call church. Then sit and wait until the pastor or minister finish their sermon. Then wait until the pastor or minister call them to come stand or kneel before them and the altar, before they can be redeem. In other words, minister are saying a person cannot ask forgiveness straight to Jesus, but must come through them first. Truly this is wrong and a lie. Anyone can ask forgiveness anywhere and at anytime.

Yes, I believe with all my heart that if you go to church instead of being the Church, you are on your way to hell. Why? Because if you go to church, you got to lie.

Yes,  I believe if you go to church, you go to pastor worship.

Yes, I believe if you go to church you are both "Pastor Worshipping" and " Temple Worshiping. Think about it! Read more truth on my website.