The Bishop

Going To Church, A Head Scratcher! 

No such thing As going to Church! QUESTIONS? Why did Jesus not GO to Church? Why did he not tell his disciples to GO to Church? Why did the disciples not tell the people to GO to Church? Why is GO to Church not mentioned in the Bible? You have 1000 years to give an answer.


Let me put this to rest! A building is used to teach from. A school! But like all teaching facilities, sooner or later the student must graduate. If one still need to be taught after being taught, then you are a flunky! Unable to pass! False Church!

Why didn't Jesus beg God for things?

If Jesus could pray to God to give him things and do for him, he would have. Yet, he worked as a carpenter? 

Why! Simple! Because God was not going to do Jesus’s work for him nor give him anything. Jesus had to work for money to help feed his family. He was human and humans lived by work, love and obedience. Obedience is winning God’s trust that you may be worthy to enter in, in the end. 

 How do we accomplish this? By “OUR WORKS and FAITHFULNESS! Not testing God to show miracles that will never happen! At least, not now! Or accuse God of something, he had nothing to do with. Testing God will get you in hell! God hate liars! Are you a liar? Think about it!