Is The Bible Fake News!

Evidently it is if you listen to False Christian of the Republican Party. They call “ love their neighbor” fake gospel.“ They want to love only those that look and think like them.

They believe “asking for forgiveness” is fake gospel” because they want to continue hurting and doing away with other races.  

They believe, “hate is fake gospel” because they want to pick and chose the color they want to live with’

They believe “Jesus is fake news because they don’t think he would ever care for the poor or find ways to help them” because of the high cost of spending. They believe a true Jesus would raise taxes on the poor and give to the rich and keep immigrants from mixing with whites.

They believe lying in the bible, as God hate one that lie, as fake gospel. They doesn’t see anything wrong with lying as long as it get them what they want.

They believe mixing of races is fake gospel because Jesus would never allow races to mix because some races are better than others and would rule out blacks, Spanish, and all other races from salvation.

They believe Jesus is fake news, because their kind of Jesus would certainly support certain kinds immoral acts.

They believe Donald Trump is the true gospel and perhaps their son of their god and he should be thanked and praise as trying to save mankind because he want to make America Great Again. 

But Trump’s America is bringing it down, creating his own universe of immoral faithful followers through riches. Their battle cry is not armor up in love to fight Satan, but cast doubt by calling good news, “Fake News!” Using this praise call is what bond all followers together in the name of Donald Trump their savior.. 

They praise Donald Trump, their god and even give him authority and power to speak for them. Anything he does and say represent them. And they hail him with all their heart and soul.

Woe, woe, woe, for when the True Anti-Christ take his seat, his followers will already be acceptance of him, just like the false Christian Church is now acceptance of immorality.

I told you this was false Christian religion and look at what’s happening to church people. You see it and hear it. And no! there is no one half churches split into halves as parties.

 There is only one gospel and it is not Fake News but Good News! This gospel is all Christians being on one accord not divided. Think about it!