Bobby E Ward

I Told You So - Church Hate - Murder

Yes, church hate! All this shootings of churches are coming from those calling themselves Christians. Moreover, Evangelical Christians. .. People you’re better wake up and convince your sorry worthless bottom feeder friends to stop living off you and get out and vote for all Democrats to enter office. If not we will move ever so deeper into a race war started by Donald Trump and Evangelicals and silent Republicans. ... 

A synagogue killing and a church was targets of hate. The black church just missed being attacked but blacks around a nearby store in Kentucky was shot and killed. Guess what? Evangelicals remain quiet and still in favor of Trumps actions because he give them things. They care less for spiritual Christian morality. ... But some ignorant blacks seem to still want to praise these wolves in sheep clothing. ... 

Now, these evil people want to post guns in churches or have armed guards while holding service... I’ve told you that church buildings was not a place of worship and God was not there. Why would God require guns to protect his church if he was there. ...  

More and more truth I tell many go into deaf ears, but visual truth has become more visible and has proven me more times than once to be factual. .. Evangelicals are your enemy on the Church and you. Without them this race war and continued hate would be mostly behind us. But here we are! .. 

As true Christians your obligation are to call them out. To embarrass them and call them what they are, “sinners!” ... Being quit and running to a false church has not worked for hundreds of years since slavery and remain the same today. Hatred! .. 

Hatred by the very ones that introduced us to Christianity. They were liars then and liars now. They are more clearly and just as dangerous, now led by the most lying individual I have ever heard of beside Satan. “TRUMP!” And guess who his followers are, “Evangelicals.” .. 

As your ministry, your service to God is wide open. If you think you’re going to heaven by being a coward, silent, live and let live, let somebody else do it or being a lazy servant, then you are fooling yourselves. If this is you, you are only worth the fires of hell. .. Get out and vote is one way you can help yourself and fight against Evangelical hate. I told you so! Think about it! 
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