Hurricane Florence  comes to down east NC. I ash myself, "what is it that people just don’t get about prayer?" You couldn’t do anything about the hurricane nor stop the destruction with this kind of false praying. People also died and your millions of prayers did nothing. The people proclaiming God will hear and answer prayers were running around, especially, those that falsely "GO" to church, looking and taking well deserved handouts. 

Water has been polluted in Jones County for weeks, people scrambling for ice and water. Why didn’t your prayers fix this immediately before this happen? People are hurting all over with their losses. Families have their memories sitting along side streets. Most were so-called Christians.

 They are not looking to God to replace this, but insurance companies and FEMA! Your prayers did nothing before, then and will do nothing into the future! You can't make God do work for you. He can't and he want.

So, once again, prayer is hope, giving thanks to God, praise and to keep us in memory. Again, prayer cannot change things, but you can. It cannot altar events and time. Anyone that can prove otherwise, come forth, because you have power to command God! If so, then you can pray to God to do away with death and sickness.

This storm should shock common sense into people that we are supposed to help one another as God said! Got a problem, seek help the right way! Fix your life or seek help from others.

 When you get sick, you go to a doctor! Stop being ignorance, as Jesus said, and wake up to the truth. It’s a shame when the storm comes, pretenders hide. When the light shine, pretenders come out to continue where they left off. Lying!!!!