“No one come to Jesus, except through the Pastor!!”  
Is this true? If so, may change everything…  

The false church is here, now, and is a broken Church (people). Seeking understanding from the gospel has long been lost to man’s own desire to will his own power. 

Man has always seek power that place him on a high seat. With all the great jobs that thrust man into powerful position of wealth and status, there remain one job that anyone without knowledge or experience can reach the top or satisfy their desire for power. How? “Become a pastor or speaker!

The only way this can be obtain is by reintroducing building worship, altar worship and having their followers looking toward a leader to constantly remind them of God and that this building is holy and one must come to this building, lastly known as the tabernacle, to receive new revelation from God every so often. 

The key to being in power is a building and someone reigning over it and in it. But before any of this can take place, followers must be made to believe that there must be someone to bring them to Jesus. Someone they must Believe in… Enter the preacher!!

They will be known as the head. But the head of what? The preacher gave the building the same name Jesus referred to his followers as, “the Church.” Now called ’the Church house,” meaning a building that will house Church (people). 

The Beginning of Confusion …

Roman 10:14, “How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?” ……

WOW!! The most misunderstood scripture has became the great idea of the future and of modern times. 

How shall they hear without a preacher is the most dominating scripture driving false pastors in that day to become the head of and start calling buildings churches that go on to even now. Today it is known as “my Church, our Church and foolishly. the building or Church of God.

Let’s go back to the start of the Church so you may understand me better…. Jesus said, Matthew 16-18, “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

( Hell shall not prevail against it means, “there will be many that will come against the Church but will not be able to silence or prevent it’s spread.) 

Upon this rock (Peter) I’ll build my Church. Jesus was not talking about a literal building nor building a building upon the back of Peter literally. It was just that Jesus had to start someone, as stated, “after his own heart “ and the will and that best suited the nature and or character to represent him before the people. 

So, Peter was the corner stones, the start or beginning of this new religion that will come to be known Christianity.

The Church at that time was actually the name of a law building of the government that applied conditions and rules on people of Rome. The name “Church” existed and it was not some random name Jesus came up with all of a sudden. 

Jesus was referring to the people of his Church as being under new doctrines of love establish by him and God that will develop and create a better people, not living by a law of threats, but by reasons of love and charity that lead toward salvation and or life after death. Forgiveness of sin was it’s foundation and the crucifixion and sacrifice was it’s completion.

The word of God, being a type of 10 commandments but not a law like the 10 Commandments, will live inside the heart, the person or in the body, or in the house, or in the building or in the temple of man’s body to guide us righteously if we abide in it. 

Free Will was given us to accept the word of God or dismiss it. Living a righteous and moral lifestyle, was and is, up to the individual. No one is made to do righteousness!!

Now, the use of preacher is taking way out of context from it’s intent. It is true when scripture state, “how can they hear, know of or learn with out a preacher.” Preachers, like those taught by preachers, spread the gospel to those that had never heard it. 

In fact, all that learned were considered preachers and teachers just as should be today. This was and is the only way to spread the true gospel. and not by sitting in buildings staying corrupt.

But during this time also, crooks found a way to make money off the gospel. The Catholic Church, having great cathedrals and a false religion, whereas Mithra, the Sun God existed, quickly saw how fast Christianity was growing and made themselves the head of the Church. They even took pagan names like Madonna and child and replace her with The Virgin Mary with child. 

Peter became St. Peter and the foundation of Catholicism, thus, the Catholic Church, the one true Church and the mother if all Churches. The Pope was declared to be the right arm of Jesus Christ.  

Just as God the Father, the word Pope mean Father and followers will bow and worship through him before given access to Jesus. It was declared all other type protestant Churches will worship him and answer to their Church, which later failed.  

Having many Churches meant control over people, power and money. Not just for the Catholic Church, but for protestants and preachers that wanted to so called spread the gospel by way of starting Churches. Having the lost as well as Christians mixed together to praise the Lord became the modern way of spreading the gospel.

However, greed of such magnitube was not readily seen as making plenty money as people gathered into these buildings, paying tithes and asking for big donations. All seem normal and Church building and preachers heading them exploded unnoticed.

As decades passed, more new and inventive Preachers calling themselves pastors, speakers, apostles, prophets also started fixed Churches. They brought to the people new ways of false thought; They preached of God having it all. Thus, he was a given God and no man serving him should be poor. 

This created prosperity. It gave hope to those not willing to work but felt like God should give to them when they asked. This was easy money and people were easily charmed with truth mixed with lies. 

Preachers and blind followers built great and small buildings. The greater the size the more people to deceived as “this is what God will give those that give from the heart.” 

Understanding the human nature of man it is well understood that people will flock to large and beautiful built Churches. +++++

By calling these building Churches preachers no longer went out onto highways and hedges but convince people already having the knowledge of God that they personally must have a preacher to keep them in favor of Jesus or get them to Jesus. 

Like the Pope, preachers have adopted the same false trickery to gain power and money. They became ignorantly, false anti Christ, where as, people must first come before them him or her in the church to confess their sins through them. 

Normally, joining of Church first then It’ s through the Preacher that access is allowed to Jesus. Some people are allowed to confess before the people and then before an altar and the preacher before access is allowed, then they may join their Church building.

Then there is a another way of coming to Jesus and that is by taking a bible short course for awhile, then join the Church , go through the pastor and after, the pastor Ok’s your relationship to Christ.


What happen now is the preacher get his power and the tall seat on the pulpit just like the Pope sit on his throne, both as a mock up of Jesus. They also get access to tons of incoming money as a salary to re-teach the unlearned over and over. Even in Revelation this practice was done but only lead to corrupt Churches and or people 

This type of Church has always failed God and has led to literally bloodbaths from hate, violence, wars and wide spread ignorant that still dominate nations today. 
  The blind has lead a false narrative of a personal type Christ worship devised and added on by pastors and followers for such a long time that even the basic for salvation has been tainted to the degree that ignorant is so wide spread that it is agreeable ‘

That God lives in a temple and one must come before a pastor risk the death penalty of challenging great, by their own precepts, men of scholar whom based their own faith and reputation on a lie. But indeed, man’s own creative foundation of the Church is truly a lie!!

Open your eyes and let some understanding be seen and let the light in. A Doctor need not a physician. A Christian need not a pastor Christian to instruct them. 

Being a Christian means you know right from wrong. A false Christian is one that need teaching or in constant need to be taught. There is nothing in the new testament that say your pastor (Christian) should no any more than you about salvation. That is, if you are a true Christian.

Trying to get to heaven by worshiping in a building that’s without a soul and spirit and calling it Holy is a LIE. Praising the pastor or hanging on to their shirt tales giving they more respect and fear than God is a LIE!! Having them calling you before an altar is a LIE!!

To deny the true set up of the Church is a recipe for hell for those dead and alive. Think on these things as written in scripture.

 It is ignorant of one to be lack of basis structuring on the word of God to be running around calling themselves Christian(s). 

 True Christians need not Evangelicals at all to lead them to hell. …. Think about it!