History lesson on the False Church

Is their evidence of the beginning of the false Church in the bible? The answer is yes? Though it started long before Revelation, it’s spread and influence on the people and their habits led up to Revelation when God became feed up.

God pointed out the great sin of these Churches in Revelation, by calling out 7 Churches. These you find in Revelation 2:1-7, 2:8-11, 2:12-17, 2:18-29, 3:1-6, 3:7-13 and 3:14-22.

Many scholars have suggested that these 7 churches are showing the actions of the churches dispersed over time all the way up to us. Sound good but I disagree! 

The reason being is that types of sin is not disperse over time. Man can harvest all manner of the same sin and did at any moment and time. He or she does not need hundred of years to develop a certain type of sin. The same sin that exist now existed then.

The problem God had with most of these false Churches was that many with the power of scheming took to buildings rather than highways and hedges to further their greed and power. They even created high seats for those that seek power elsewhere or when visiting another building or church.

In Revelation, God is not speaking about the actual church building. There is nothing he can do with wood. He is speaking to the people Christ referred to while talking to Peter in Matthew 16:18 which Jesus stated, “Upon this Rock I will build my Church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.“ Peter is that “Rock.” Peter is the beginning of the Church, a group of people.

For you that do not know, the word “Church” or Roman “Kirsh” was the name of the building Roman law makers conducted Civil Law out of. This is why Jesus said, “I will build my church God’s way and by his will for all mankind.”

So, in Revelation it is the people God is unhappy with. False Church people that tainted the word of God by bagging it and twisting it to benefit the pastors and teachers by allowing and mixing in all manner of people together into their man made buildings and completely leaving the intent of God out of it. They were fornicators and adulterers to name a few. 

Thus, most throughout these cities and towns went without the gospel and the knowledge of Jesus Christ. The intent to spread the word of God the father was halted just as it is today.

Jesus even stated that only one town come close to being correct but all other are liars. He stated, if they did not change they will be removed. They did not change nor did the church (Phila.) continue to do right, and today all have been overtaken by Islam. A very, very, small remnant exist in fear.

Since Revelation, the false church became worst and worst with pockets of righteous people scattered throughout. Even today, the false church still rebel against God and doing the exact things in their building as was done at that time. Mostly filth, lies, programs, fun, friend and family day, kings and queens, power struggles and money.

God care about the people. Jesus care about the people. I care about the people and you should care about the people and the delivery of the true word of God to the people as servants. If not, one could be already faced with a dilemma that cannot be reversed.

God is not in any kind of building at no given time period!. The “word” of God can only “live in you” and not inside a building. No such thing as going to church. You see the results of it in Revelation. The people today worldly and more evil than yesterday. And yes, once again, according to the bible it will continue to get worst.

“The blind leading the blind and all fall into the ditch together.” Matthews 15:14

You have just gotten an history lesson that you will not get inside a building or church. Today. Spread what you learned. Think about it!