From The Bishop: Hell! Many people believe they will have an instant death. 1 second! So, jokes are made by saying, “they don’t care!” “I’ll live like I want too and worry about that when it comes,” they say! 

But what if you are thinking wrong? What if you wait to the end then discovered you were wrong, and that hell is a prison? Let me explain! A prison that hold death inmates do not execute murderers immediately. They serve many years for them to feel remorse and think about what they did. Being confined is agonizing, much less worrying about any given day actual death will occur. Therefore, they are not put directly to death. ...

 God has the same set up and system except the punishment is death by molten fire. ... So, less take a look at similar situations. When one is cast into Hell Fire they are not immediately burned up. There is a time period before the body is allowed to die. There, both good and bad will feel remorse. 

Before going forward, you may be saying, “why is the good being destroyed? Simply put, most people are good, but most people are not obedience to the word of God or righteous. Good people go off into their own understanding of “live and let live” or help others to move a wicked nation forward. They never come to the understanding of the truth within the will of God. How to truly love! ... So, we have good and bad in hell. ... 

Now, in Hell it is punishment! A different punishment where Instant death come in the end. End of what! End of your suffering. Your final cry of, I’m sorry and then comes the end slowly! ... Suffering!

 Remember, you thump your finger at God against the suffering of Jesus for you. You did not care! You disrespected God nearly all your life. Many times God wanted to take you under his wings. He sent Jesus to rescue you with his words and you rejected him. You did not care for him! .. 

A part of God “suffered” every time his creation rejects him for Satan. For someone that coned and tricked you every day. Yet, you preferred Satan over God. ... So, do you deserve to suffer like Jesus? Like God! Of course you do! You knew better but did not care.

 Now the pottery returns to the fire, so to speak. And like the pottery slowly melting, it will take awhile before it is completely burned up. No sign of it ever existed! ... But what do pottery has to do with human death. Well, the Bible make it clear, that in hell, those there will be “weeping and gnashing of teeth.” You must be alive to weep (cry), unbearable scared, frightened having no escape. No one coming to rescue you. No friends to comfort you because they will be as you. 

Gnashing of teeth is not grinding of teeth as believed but a sign of extreme and unbearable pain and fire that surrounds you. Slowly burning away the flesh from your body until your bones become nothing. Not even ash! .. God has long forgotten you as he rejoice in the righteous as they have long inherited their crowns and introduced to new world(s) to take their place in them. “Death for the righteous ended in victory!” Think about it!