Hell Wait For Pastors And THE BLIND

 Buildings full of people every Sunday go to worship their lying pastor whom themselves will not enter in. No where in the Bible does it say gathering in a building give access to salvation. No where does it say a pastor must be your guide. Those that go to church are those unable to learn and need constant teaching, not from God, but from the pastor. If you are claiming to be a Christian but still need to hear the word of God, then you are not a Christian. I don’t need to be reminded how to Back a car out of my yard. I know how. If you call yourself a Christian you should know how to live like one. And if you are, then you should be teaching others as you walk through life...

 Now, tell me! Over thousands of years shouldn’t the world and especially the United States be better loving nations with so many Churches? It should be but these Churches are False Churches. ... Shouldn’t the United States with its mighty Christian machines be almost a perfect nation as it constantly bellow out that it is a Christian nation? 

But rather, the United States with all it’s pretentious spiritual nature has created nothing but a more divisive and diabolical culture of hate and stupidity all in the name of the Church. The false Church did this before slavery and 400 years of deliberate hate slavery on into today and into most Churches and will go into the future..... 

Hypocrites luring simple minded people into their web, holding them there by falsely telling them and calling them Christian no matter how broken and corrupt they are to keep them close and in the building to insure a steady line of credit of millions of dollars for pastors.... Fools will go to hell thinking if they do good things for the pastor, this insure their salvation! ..

 however, not caring you are a fool will send you to hell. Claiming you are a Christian but saying you don’t know, please  teach me, will send you to hell. Going somewhere else to worship after Jesus sacrifice did away with temple and so called church building worship will send you to hell.

 Christ sacrifice was for his word to dwell in us, the true Body, the true Temple! Going back to temple and building worship will send you to hell! ... Each person is responsible for him or herself. No crowd of people can help you. Each must give account of what they did with the life they had.

 If you haven’t and is not telling the truth to others then you are heading for hell. Why, because you have nothing on record to indicate you are good soil. You are not good soil to replant into and reap a good harvest from it. ... Nothing from nothing leaves nothing and deserves nothing but to be burnt up never to be rememberer again or to share in the new existence to come. .. 

Therefore, you must take charge of your life and become the servant of God first. A servant is not a yes person to a pastor, but to Jesus. You do not owe nor must you come before or through a pastor or anyone except Jesus to ask forgiveness .. 

To understand God you must first understand truth! Truth will set you free!.... So when you’re rushing out to Church, ask yourself, who are you going there to see? You know it want be God.! You may pretend the spirit of God is their, but God would never dwell in the midst of sinners and pretenders. If you are a Christian you should know this. Since you are not, you can care less! ... 

So, who are you going there to praise and worship? None other than your pretending savior, the pastor! Your beloved! The one you talk about and ask others to come hear them, the pastor, tell them what they should already know and pay them for telling you the good news over and over again. This make you feel better. However, this makes you worst than a babe. A loser! You should know better! 

Yet, you’re good for nothing but hell. ... Come out from among them and I will receive you say the Lord. Meaning, study the word and live by it. .. In the end, the false Church has done nothing and getting worst and worst. Think about it!