HELL AND FIRE! Just imagine yourself standing before God.
 Your life is in his hands! Heaven and hell is being balanced. 

Just before this, you was shown the inside of hell. You saw captured fallen angels once mighty in power reduced down to crying and pleading for mercy. 

Pleading to God to give them another chance. They to, being chained and bound for thousands of years in a lower part of heaven, now find themselves sentence to death. For their crimes was against God himself. They wanted to kill God and take what was his. This was a great sin! An unpardonable sin. They could never be trusted again.

Within this great gulf was cave like chambers with floors, walls and ceilings covered in molten lava bringing suffering and slow death. For hell is made to adjust itself. Adjusting to time. Tempering the body for given time when there is YOU no more! Suffering!

These once mighty ones who took God’s love for granted time and time again is now begging for water, for just a taste, a drop of cool water to sooth their porch tongues. 

The stinging fire and brimstone attaching itself to well burnt skin causing them to scream and grit their teeth’s as they are refused to let die. At least, not yet. 

Now it’s your turn to convince God you are worthy of living. This is me and you. For our fate could be the same as the fallen angels, with Satan soon to follow as hell is made for Satan and his angels. But now for all those that follow him.

But even in death God shows mercy, yet gives no mercy! For a book is brought forth that reveals your life. The book is handed to Jesus who looks in the book and hands it to God. God waits before opening! Both eyes are upon you, as silence gather itself. 

Finally, a question is asked by God. “What makes you so great that we should take you into heaven?” This is the first question!

A slow response is made in a stutter. Your body is trembling. Yet, you gave your reasoning. You think to yourself, you could have gave a better answer. You try to say, “wait,” “let me answer again!” Yet, no sound went forth. No do over! This is it! 

As the stares continued, it was broken as God looked toward Jesus as Jesus looked towards you. God gazed back toward you. Now the book was in the hands of God still unopened.

But wait! There is still remaining a second question. God has not open the book on you yet. What is happening you think! 

God did not look in the book, but gave it back to Jesus and said, “I have looked at my Son, how he looked at you.” “ It was enough!” “I have no further questions.” “Welcome home! Welcome into my kingdom!”

There is great joy as I entered in. I heard God say, “NEXT!” I pause and waited for my friend. The same question was asked. My friend was in smiles and full of belief. Not trembling, but assured in their place in heaven.

Yet, God open the book and looked inside. He did not look toward Jesus but read what was written and made up his mind from the book. 

This person’s life was not great but could serve, he thought to himself. I will save him!

But, just before God rendered his decision, my friend ask God a question. It was, “IS MY PASTOR HERE?”

I hung my head, turned to walk away. This was a question dismissing God, yet, showing their love and devotion and emotions towards another.

Then I heard God say, “I have made my decision.” “Depart from me, I know you not!”

Conclusion: Don’t think you have God in a bag. That guarantees into heaven is determined by you. That pretending and putting on acting faces can fool God. It only take one great sin to end it all. This was a case of doing all I can versus not listening and knowing when not to open your mouth. For it reveals what you truly are.

As you see pastor worshiping and priesthood is taking from God and given to them. The great liars! You become the great liar along with them.

Ending! This is a dramatization of hell not meant to be taken literally because we can only know after death and at judgement. But it can be taken with some grain of salt and truth. “Hell is to be feared!” There is no such thing as “going to Church, nor having a pastor.
Think about it!