Gun Violence - 2nd Amendment - Militias and the Church

As I watch on TV the pitiful sights of children begging to have a life, and a gun free society, I thought of, just who are they fighting against?

Young as they are, they think they are fighting against the NRA and people in public office. They never consider they are fighting and begging Church people to stop killing them. Christians in a so called Christian nation.

Yes, these guns are made, bought and used by Christians. Even the ones doing the killings claim Christianity right down to the policemen that fired over 20 bullets into a black man’s body, who just may have been a Christian also. Christian killing Christians! Religious people of all kind killing each other.

Evangelicals sit in expensive building praising and wanting high powered gun to stay around to be there to assist in innocent killings when desired.

If these kids were truly reared in Christian families, they would not be in the streets pleading to the Church and their parents not to continue to help the bad guys kill them, but living in partial threat and peace from those outside our nation.

The 2nd Amendment and its right for a militia of the people to bare arms does not and should not apply in our life time. We live in a civilized nation where laws dominate every acre of land dwellers in the United States. 
We live in cities and towns. We are not so isolated from each other that for fear, we need to bare military arms. In the forming of nation militias or fighters were necessary at that time only.

But now, we do not need a militia coming from citizens baring military type assault weapons. We have a ready-made 24 hours well based militia for our protection, called the “police!” 

Anyone trying to form another kind of militia will be met with force from the police. Our law does not allow for people to form militias against the government nor the police. Why someone doesn’t challenge this I do not know. 

The 2nd Amendment has long been voided. Should not be still part of law in a civilized world.
Now, Christians have sit back so long doing nothing but pleasing themselves in buildings until these Children are out in the streets telling them and you, that the Church has fell them. 

Get out of them and do something for the Lord and do something for these kid and ourselves. Just care for others as we are supposed to do as Christians. Not creating the problems. NRA and Evangelicals claim to be Christians.

Removing false Christian Republicans from office is a must to return the office of the presidency back to some dignity. Donald Trump should be removed from office and or impeached. He only reign now, in office, because of Evangelicals that love his exploits, nasty actions, and yes, they love the liar.

And yes, liars like him will enter a building this morning and they will lie, and they will lie again and again and will accomplish nothing. 

They cannot worship within themselves and directly to the Spirit of God. They must have a building having an altar and priest to go into and come before or all is lost. This kind of worship is a lie within itself.