Got My Hands Full, Where is God’s Servants?…

There is a reason Jesus came in the flesh? People have a way of believing everything they hear or told if it is coming from some one with a certain type of high status. 

However, twisting the word of God and delivering false information and man’s own understanding being delivered by false prophets and blind followers, corrupt the true word of God delivered and explained by true servants.

It took God in Jesus to put man back on the right track of who God is and what is the will of God for mankind. The key was love through obedience to the word of God delivered to man in the flesh from his only Son, Jesus. Such brought us back to a true understanding of the intent of God. This is Forgiveness, which give anyone a new beginning. Yes, even for the worst sinner.

Jesus made it possible for anyone right where they are can ask forgiveness and begin a new life. You need not go anywhere and yet, be considered a child of God if you mean it with the intent of never going back. Just change your life. Read and study the bible on how you are to act. Not doing this will place you back where you come from because you was never sincere as you say. A brain with nothing in it is “nothing from nothing lead to nothing.” “You put nothing in, you get nothing out!”

But you knew this! Then if you knew this, then why are people calling themselves Christians unable to tell the different from what sound truthful and what just don’t make good sense when the truth is right before the face of a true Christian.

Sometime it seem I am the only one doing the will of God? I hope not! But I see no other. Like Jesus, I’m correcting lies and trying to get mankind to open their eyes and stop being so blind to the intent of Satan that they live in lies like Satan.. 

Yea! Such servants are far and in between. They are challenged and attacked by sinners, not that they can prove Jesus or I wrong, but to stop, like Satan attempted to do with Jesus on the mountain top, any manner of truthfulness that interfere in their daily lives of sin they love and involved in.

Many sinners on Face book, no sooner than they get bit they quickly un-friend you or me because they want God’s word to reflect their want and understanding, But when the word is made known and do not fit their mode, they drop out having bad intentions about us and God. They flee!

When this happen, the Christian should feel good that they did the will of God. But those that flee in anger and reject the word of God will not flee hell, but be cast into the lake of fire as a hold over for punishment until the final call for which they will parish. 

So, let them leave, but feel sorry for them. Know that your efforts are written down in the Book Of Life. Also remember, they never were your friend! Jesus said “HE is our friend.

I say that to say this. People still say “Amen” to that which make no common sense of believability, yet, they believe it. I bring to your attention of a comment made about people needing a “miracle.” 

When I saw people saying “Amen” to this, it made me sigh in disappointment. I said to myself, how is it possible after all I’ve talked about and against, people still refuse to reason with common sense, not to mention spiritual sense that’ suppose to identify the slickness of Satan and not be drawn back into his web of slick lies.

I speak about miracles and those that lie and believe on them in spite of doctors and mankind ability to help themselves. The wise should know there are no miracles given by God. Why? Just a happy or great ending which all of mankind are naturally thankful for whether good or bad. 

I thank God for all thing spiritual and non spiritual. For blessings set the day of creation to those that stay to my death. I thank God for all things in these given to all men. Things like home, family, water, air, food, blessings from the earth, Jesus, the gospel, salvation. These are now and forever. 

So, thanking God in all things does not mean thanking him because I killed someone, robbed a bank, my child was murdered, a family member died, my house burnt down and 
so one. 

But I can thank God for all good things not directly involving him because nothing will be without him. This make him directly yet, indirectly all in all in our lives…..Jesus make him all in all in the Christian life the sinner‘s life. “The sun shine on the just as well as the unjust.”

This is deep, but keep your head above the water of sin and keep swimming toward the shore of life. You will understand it better, bye and bye.

When we speak of miracles and those that swear by them, ask your self who is giving miracles to them, to whom are they given, why would God give them a miracle. Why want he give miracles to every one? What make them so great that God will stop his Godly duties and come down from his Throne just to give them a miracle? Why would he do this for you and not the billions that suffer much worst than you?

There are miracles you and I can do for ourselves. Go to work and want something. Thrive toward it. Get it! Make it happen and check yourself by being watchful. By the way, going to a doctor is not a miracle, just a cure! Being saved by man is not a miracle, just a rescue. Almost getting seriously hurt is not a miracle, just almost!  

God is not doing for you that which you can do for yourself. That is why you are called mankind and mankind kind is ordered by God to build and multiply. To build mean everyone work toward making this a better earth. God will not do your our work for you or me. 

Be very careful how you say ‘Amen” to something I or any learned individual can challenge and prove you wrong. The bible say to “think on these things.” I am only repeating what it say. 

Think on these things before you pass them along to others. God hate lying gossiper and liars, and people having Godly miracles is a lie.… Think about it!