God created me this way

 First of all God created Adam and Eve. Then your parents created you through the workings of God. But let’s understand who God is as a creator. To see God you must move from his creation of earth to his creation of the universe and galaxies filled with beings unknown. His creation is unlimited as is his need to create. Angels low and angel high. All in numbers uncountable by humans. 

So, Let’s look at us humans. From conception it was in the mind of God to create beings on earth. To filled the earth with his beauty and glory. These beings will be called humans. To accomplish his will and desire to populate the earth, these humans would be made for a purpose. One will be called man and the other woman. 

These two are made with different parts needed for each for a purpose to create other living beings to populate the earth to God’s delight. The creator God has always been satisfied with his creative process. His creation must endure. His hunger to create is never ending. Therefore, every thing that God create, recreate. From the heaven above to mountains to grains of sand below. 

Yes, we and they must recreate. God make nothing that does not recreate. No matter how much people say God made them this this way, do not believe them. Human beings were made to recreate human beings. And human creation was from the beginning of time, ordained to be between Adam and Eve, woman and man. Without recreation there would be nothing! Think about it! Nothing!!!