God Name in Your Mouth, And So What …. A look into False Church and Quotes

It is pitiful to stand off and hear foolish people make ignorant statements about Jesus and God and yet, can do nothing but shake your head and pity them. 

The false Church has developed many quotes to grab the interest and staying power of those that go outside of themselves to go to another church made by hand, the building. In this manmade Church, Satan has found a home to spread his kind of foolishness by forming these quotes in his Churches.

I pity them because there’re no truth in what they say, even though they think they are right, they are wrong. They have low levels of understanding that’s taught them from inside false Churches (buildings). So, I am looking at how corrupt people become even more corrupted by developing quotes designed by Satan to be disperse among the people there.

“Telling the Lord all about it” is famously one of the greatest quotes if you want to start controlling the weak minded. The pastor will tell the people that, “if you have a problem, take it to the Lord and tell him all about it.” … Then What! 

Sound good thru lips and that’s all. But it does sound good being said, so everyone says it. So, the start of quotes begins. Thus, enter Satan’s mental take over!

“The Lord never fails.” You are right! Everything the Lord has already done has not failed and this being determined by his master plan for the course of mankind’s direction. This quote has nothing to do with super natural fixing, mending or healing. But it does sound good in one’s mouth. However, using this as a means of assurance to another that’s going through suffering is a lie.

Next, with the way the world and people are changing for the worst, where is this “ain’t God moving” quote taking place? Where? How can one lie like this when you can hardly tell the different now days between a woman and a man? Poor people are still suffering all over the world and sickness and death are still prevailing. Don’t you know that if God was working as people say, none of this will be.

Next! “God loves us all.” Well, this is kind of tricky. A yes and a no. For example, there are those that have hip hop and other music in their mouths half the time and spiritual music in their mouth the other half. They think this is perfectly ok. While for others, going to a Church building one day a week make up for all the hell raising the other six days. 

These kinds of believers have “God in their mouth” only, as they struggle to show others like them that all of us love God even though we do what we do just because we know of God. However, none willing to submit to the entire will of God. 

Many believe certain acts of goodness or a thoughtful bible verse a few times a day or week, or some activity geared toward a certain, sporadic thoughtful occasions once a month, is enough to fool God or win his heart while you remain the same.

Such devilish people of thought must consider God not to be intelligent enough to spot their tricks, but will overlook them as, “they are trying” or “I believe they want to be.” However, Half and half will not do.

Most people live in this kind of world having a false sense of belief thrown on them by false pastors, whom themselves, are straddle the fence.

Therefore, though God love all mankind, he is willing to destroy most of it to keep those most desirable to continue his creation and will. A will so far beyond our understanding that it required a sacrificial bloody death of his own son to fulfill that want through us. Only the righteous or special people with special talents accepting the will of God will be welcome.

Next, “want God do it” is one of many quotes Satan gave the false Church to make them feel good without them having to work for it. Saying it to confused already weak listeners will automatically receive repeats of “yes he will.” 
Knowing this not to be true, it does bring together a collection of show boaters to push this quote. We know God will not do our work nor any work for us. Any one saying such has fallen into a den of lies having no proof to prove themselves.

 As they stand, the speaker quickly repeats, “aint God good.” Each shout out by the speaker bringing a louder and boastful response by the audience of, “all the time,” followed by now, claps and cheers. All devised by Satan.
. Most every black person I greet, especially black women, with a simple greeting of, “how are you doing,” I am greeted back with, “God is good.” If someone is with them, they will go, “all the time.” It’s like they have turned this into a game with God in their mouths only.

Another play game the false black Church is well known for is the quote, “I want complain.” Next to “Aint God good,” and “God is good,” the quote “I want complain” tops the billboard for longevity, and voted most likely to keep many lying. 

“I want complain” is got to be the biggest trick Satan has played on the black Church. It started from a lying song called, “I want complain” that became popular because it is easier to imply to others that God is so wonderful and moving in their lives, so much so, that they will not complain about anything.

Some of this stupidity has roll over into the white Church just like lying prosperity and pastoring on a grand stand from them has rolled over to the black Church. Both false and screwed up!

Getting back to, “I want complain,” there is no way anybody can live in this world and not complain every day about something. Whether it’s raining or bad mosquitoes. Even God complained. So, this quote makes this saying a lie. It makes the false Church out to be the liar it is and has always been.

Anyone who lie willingly is not a Christian. Any one that enter a false Church building to push this lie is not a Christian. Anyone that will not correct another is a liar. Anyone that feel they must go someplace to worship God is a liar. 

Anyone that does not feel or believe that the word of God can only be housed in a physical human body is a liar. Anyone that think they must enter an outside house or building to worship God because it is a holy place is a liar.
 Anyone that feel or believe they cannot worship God in their own physical body, as one must do to become redeemed, is a liar.

The majority will go to hell being knowledgeable, self- wise, a go getter, an organizer, a giver, one that care and even a missionary. Why? Because you are a liar. You believe anything without thought. You go alone with anything. Most love to believe a lie. 

The majority has no wiliness to live by the word of God but by their own understanding. They are taken in by slick and false pastors, bright lights and glitter of great monuments and grand buildings packed with huge crowds that come into them from the love of the world.

Yes, God is always on their lips. And this is the problem. God is on their lips and not in their heart.
Jesus said in:

Matthew 15:7-9 state, "You hypocrites! Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you:" "'These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me." "They worship me in vain;" "their teachings are merely human rules.”

Most, falsely speak of God. But if you are not willing to live right, then you should keep the name of God out of your mouth. You are only wasting your time!