Go TO Church, Go TO The Altar, Go TO Hell…

There, I said it again and will continue to say it. If you go to Church rather than being the Church then you are going to hell. Why? Because you are going to hear lies and you are going to worship and give respect and honor to your pastor whom you first see as your go between to get to Jesus.
 You go to this building you also call Church because you ignorantly believe Jesus or God is there hovering in space waiting for you to return and only the pastor and his or her present in this building is needed to bring you and God together.
All your heart is put first into this pastor or speaker to the points that you bow before them even give them gifts and celebrations. You stand and give praise when they enter the building, Bus boys have already prepared water to drink hidden behind the pulpit.
You stand and give praise as they enter in to the building to take their place on the pulpit. They take their throne position as songs are supposedly sung to God while everyone there is looking toward the pastor to see their reaction of satisfaction or dissatisfaction. 
 Because of who they and what you think they bring to you, mean you are not able or capable of understanding the word of God as personal. You need the pastor to be part of your life because you cannot remain faithful on your own. You believe the pastor is your life line to Jesus and God because they are needed, not in your personal life but just on Sunday.
The pastor name and his wife name are mention more in your conversations than God and Jesus. Joy enters you as you speak their name because you see them as your earthly savior.
The pastor state you must come to church and stand before them and others to confess your sins. They have you believing that if you do not come to a Church building you cannot be redeemed. 
Pastors and false followers of them have you believe that you cannot come to Jesus except through a pastor. Proof of this is when the pastor throws out his hand and ask you to come forward and to receive Christ as you come stand in front of them as they, so to speak, is telling you as though no man come to Jesus, but through them.
You stand there, not looking up to God but looking up to the pastor to put their hands on you and wait for them to declare to you that you are redeemed.
Redeemed is not what they say but should be saying as a teaching median only. Yet, they become God and declare you are saved. 
Being ignorantly taught, you believe you are saved because the pastor said so, not God. Only the wise outside of a wooden building will know that salvation or being saved is left in the hand of God at our judgement. 
Determining who go to heaven or hell is the right of God and his along. No living human being anyplace on earth can predetermine for you how God will judge you. No saved people or in this case, little Gods, remain, live or dwell among human flesh and abide in its rules after being saved here on earth. Saved people will be heaven at the right calling. 
Special places are set for pastors to eat and generally they are feed first. Many meals are served not on paper plates as their followers, but on porcelain. If they eat with followers all eyes are on them or where they are sitting, usually in front or off to the side with a well set up table spread.
Everything the pastor said is believed without questioned, that is false Christmas, false valentine day, false Easter and the lack, things against the bible are made true through them because of who they are to you. 
So, everyone that go to Church go to give worship to the pastor. It is they you fear and break your neck to please, not God. Parties and programs are to make them look good, not God.
They have you so bound in believing false lies that you cannot even see that along with you, both you and the pastor and speakers you listen to telling you to turn your sicknesses and troubles over to God has health Insurance for real protection. This is because they do not rely on God as they want you to believe. 
 They all show up at voting polls begging for the right person or party to handle their needs and wants just as the rest of us.
In closing I can say this and back it up to anyone, that if you go to Church I can make you out to be a liar. Why? Because Jesus died on the cross to do away with temple worshiping, altars and priests that the body may become all these through no more than accepting Jesus as our personal savior, live accordingly to how Jesus said by changing our character and attitude toward others and spreading what you receive to others.
This spreading of the word of God is done through travel, meeting of people and not sitting on your backside doing nothing accept putting Christ through the sacrifice all over again.
Through Christ there is no need of a building because you are the building that house the word of God. You are holy ground as the word of God is attached and in you. You are the altar where you burned away your pass sins through forgiveness. And last, you are the priest, the teacher, the voice box for Christ. 
If you call yourself a Christian, you should be teaching those confused calling themselves Christian and not continuing sitting before a pastor giving them more praise than you give Jesus and God.
I have no Choice but to say to go to Church is to go to hell. Think about it!