False Sunrise Service and Easter Is for the False Church, Not True Christians!!!

Did you know that it was never ordained for Christian to have sunrise service for Christ? That’s right! Believing Jesus rose early in the morning is an attempt to do away with Ishtar or Easter Celebration which occurred before the death of Jesus. Pagans were celebrating Easter during the life of Jesus.

Rising from the dead was part of Ishtar’s mystery religion claiming her son Tammuz. Easter real name is Semiramis, wife of Nimrod. She became a ruler. She became known as the Moon Goddess and Nimrod as the Sun God. They had a child name Tammuz. Tammuz was killed by a wild pig. Ishtar claimed he was resurrected by the Sun rays and ordered Sun rise service for him through her ruler ship, in short.

Later we have the death and resurrection of Jesus. Christian trying to do away with Easter celebration decided they would have a Sunrise service for Jesus to block them out.

However, more of a celebration for Easter has already been established. That is, buying new clothes, red flowers and white ones, eating and hiding colored eggs, having eggs coming from rabbits, eating wild pigs, baking cakes and other foods to include dancing and drinking was the celebration.

Did you know that the egg represented the tomb as the chick or Tammuz bursting forth from it bringing new life? Jesus came from his tomb as proof to us a resurrected life after death. A new life!

Such glamor overtook Christians and compromising from both were agreed upon to hold the holiday together. True Christian refrained from it.

Christians justified with great joy to hold Sunrise Services of Easter alone with a false sunrise service for Jesus. 
Christian was caught up into this mystery religion and Justifying it the plotted and confirmed that Jesus rose from the grave early Sunday morning.

What is wrong with this? First in old bibles Easter was a pagan religion before Christ. Next, Pagans let Christian know that this was a “Sun Rise” service in honor of “Sun God, Tammuz” and not Jesus Christ. Christians accepted the use of Sun Rise service even though it is not referring to Jesus as, Son Rise service. 

So, ignorant pastors direct their ignorant followers to wake up, go to a Church Building early in the morning while cooking and eating until the Sun Rise then either go home or have a singing service. Why can’t people see the stupidity in all of this as Christians. None having nothing to do with salvation, but foolishness. A mockery!

Next, according to Jewish time as morning and dawning as related to the rest of the world, Jesus did not rise from the grave in our early morning hours but Jewish time, which is in the evening. From evening to evening were considered a day. So, Jesus rose in the evening and not in the morning hours as Europeans has it.

Study Jewish facts in your bible as to what evening to evening is. It is 6 o’clock in the evening until 6 o’clock the next evening. Jesus must remain in the grave 3 days and 3 nights which did take place on the Sabbath, Holy Day or Saturday in the evening.

Rising on Sunday morning is a European lie for our time and not for actual Jewish time of that era. Such will only give power to pagans and Satan. Such would give honor to Tammuz and Baal and cause confusion to the resurrection of Christ. God do not deal in confusion Satan has accomplished his goal in the false Church you attend out of yourself to accept the great lie. 

Is there anything the False Church Building people and ministry of Satan won’t lie about or teach or engage in? No! Just read the Church signs as you ride down the highways and ask yourself, “what has Easter to do with the resurrection of Jesus? Then look at your pastor and ask them, why do they do this to Jesus?

Come out from among them, they are taking you to hell. Read more on Easter on my two websites. Also read, “what makes you so great, that God will want you In Heaven,” or “what makes you so great, that God will come heal you and nobody else that call out to him?"


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Ishtar - Easter liars, False Christians, lying Pastors and The Resurrection!

What would you do if you caught your pastor and all in the false Christian Church lying to you by belittling the Resurrection and bringing shame to God for decades? Would you still believe they are “called by God pastors and speakers.?” Would you say they are doing the will of God and God instructed them to muddy the Resurrection? Or would you say they are pretenders and false Christians and you need to separate yourself from them?

Yes, more interest and love are given her through gifts of red potted flowers, sex, booze and parties than the love one should be showing toward Jesus alone. That is, love of people so much that we, Christians, are more concern about them not losing their lives in the end to an eternal death, which there is no return from. 
We want to help save the lost because this is the mission of every Christian just as it was for Jesus and his disciples.

Yet, in Easter, one is led toward a fiery death. Joy is not in Jesus, but in pretty things and hiding Easter eggs freshly laid by Rabbits and decorated in carnival type and clown mixed coloring indicating this type of celebration is engineered by Satan to confuse. 

In one aspect of ignorant, we can see that Queen Ishtar - Easter has overtaken Jesus in the presentation of his own death on the cross, being risen and returning to God as a Resurrected God or Human transfiguration into a higher being. We see this just by looking at who’s name appears first in the order of desire and divinity.
Easter, appear before Jesus, thus, first annunciation is given to Easter and second annunciation is given to Jesus. This is, pastors and followers call this, “the Easter Resurrection.”

But if we look at this even closer, we see that Jesus is completely left out and it is implied that it is Easter’s Resurrection, not Jesus.

Therefore, for clarification, Easter should never be mention together alongside the Resurrection. Rather, “The Resurrection of Jesus Christ” is spoken alone.

How will you feel knowing you are wiser and smarter than the people supposedly teaching you, as if you need teaching, being a Christian already?

If you like it and refuse to give it up, then you turn against the very basic of our Christianity. That is, Jesus, his spoken word, Sacrifice through a blood death, redemption, burial, resurrection and finally, salvation. If you let the love of Easter deny you these, then there remains no more hope for you…. 
God is not a compromising God!