False Evangelicals And Part Time Lovers Of The False Church!

Yes, those packing Church houses are the same that participate in worldly and ungodly behaviors. However, on Sunday these same people flock to these buildings by the millions. Each recognizing their own.
 In fact, Sunday worship is dedicated to those that need or feel they need to be “just reminded” of God without actually having to commit to the entire will of God. This is like a part time lover without full commitments. Such is a whore. 
Evangelicals are pretenders and part time lovers. They can write and even teach what is right but they cannot follow what they teach or hear.
As bad as our president is, Evangelicals cannot see nor can bring themselves to see any wrong in the actions and character of Donald Trump. Beating women is OK with them! Sexual harassment of women and men are OK with them! Lying repeatedly is OK with them. They even say he is a good Christian man! 
These are false Christians and the fact to prove it is that they are fighting against God. The Bible, the word of God they swore to abide in, is acted on in just the opposite. They are so blind and filled with so many centuries of committed hate and separative belief that they are harden to real truth, thereby, being unbothered by what they have become and truly believe in. 
 Sin is personally rated and graded on their standard, and standards of others, as, “this is how we or I see it based on my own interpretation” rather than the interpretation of a true Christian in which the word of God is made plain to them. 
The argument of scripture being interpreted differently by each one that read it is caught in a justifying lie created by Satan to cause confusion and cast Jesus as being a liar by those that speak such a thing to continue such a thing. 
These are those in Satan’s army working to defeat the word of God by challenging certain aspects of scripture that has nothing to do with the overall reason for the gospel, “salvation”. Evangelicals deal in part time confusion with long lasting conclusions of hardship toward others without compassion and all is mine or nothing.
So why are they willing to risk their salvation? What on earth could grab their attention and consume their hearts and minds to turn on God? How can people of this sort still pretend to practice Christianity but not wanting to follow God’s doctrines?
Two reasons! Money leading to richness and power leading to control. The power consists of one race domination and world domination. Neither having compassion. Money to live a life of kings and queens as they drain poor people of their dignity and pursuit of happiness.
Yes, this is the flight of the false Church and the way of life for Evangelical worshipers of Satan. It is also the way of life for all false Churches that lie on God, and there and many.  
Twisting the word of God is not just limited to craze Evangelicals but to all that fall for their tricks and try to be like them. Yea, the entire system of Christianity has been corrupted. It is the world that come together on Sunday and even through the week day as part time lovers before returning to their first love, the world once again, over and over. 
Yea, nothing but the righteous shall see God. Luke warm and half and half is the sons and daughters of Satan. …Can’t be trusted by God! Think about it!...