By Bishop, B, E, Ward, Founder​


The False Church Out Of Touch With Sin and Demons: 

What is sin? Most don’t know what sin is! Pastors don’t no. They can’t teach what they don’t know and blind to understanding that placed before them. The Bible! 

Most don’t know the reason for Jesus or why he talked as he did and why disciples taught as they did.

Well let me open a door for you. The door Jesus open that false pastors and false prophets are unable to teach or walk through. 

Do you know why there are so much Sin and sin is getting worse? Yes, the Bible state it will get worse and worse. What will? Sin! Because of demons!

So how can sin be all this bad. Remember, God hate sin more than anything because sin is against perfect creation. It destroys. 

Jesus came and immediately come against sin. Why? Because sin is loose upon the earth. It is not just a three letter word that flips across one’s lips. Sin is a multitudes of characters.

Now let’s walk into the door further. Sin are demons dedicated to destroying man. Sin is the falling angels cast down from heaven to earth that raped and plundered man kind to the point that they caused the death of millions they had corrupted. The flood!

Destruction was sent by God by way of a flood that took all life except Noah and his family. 

Demons spirits of the giants could not drown but went into the underworld vowing to destroy all that God has created. 

They resurfaced with Noah. No longer giants but demons. They immediately began to corrupt and wait as the population of man began to grow again. A little sin here and a little there unto once again man is corrupt. Wars and more wars! Demons love violence!

Hate, rape, perverted sex, gays, killing, mocking, turning man against man with dancing to demon created music and drinking parties.

When God sort out Israel to counter demons. They followed for a while. Only using God when they really needed him and turning their backs on him toward the excitement and pleasure of sin or demons pleasure offers. Partying and sex.

Israel became so corrupt. Very few would serve God. And demonic sin was spreading. Israel has failed to believe in God as God wanted. The land is so corrupted God will send down a new one. They remain corrupt and against Jesus to this very day.

So, one last ditch effort was launched to save some of his creation. Influence of sin or demons was great upon the people.

God turned from unbelieving Israel to the gentile us. He sent Jesus to warn us of the destruction of these demons on our souls. A promise of salvation or life after death for all that accepted him as the Son of God and believe in God, giving him your our and trusting God to do what he say he will do. Deliver salvation!

God want to save man from the devil and devils. Jesus new that there is only one thing to fight against the demons with. That’s love! So Jesus taught love and said, if you believe in you heart enough you can control the devil and his army with love. They cannot defeat it because love is the essence of God.

There is power in this word. Power enough that you me can put Satan at bay. Love is an armor, a shield.

But I’m back to sin! What is it and who is it? And where are these demons or sin? Understand that demons are sin and when you we commit, it is the demons in us. We do not resist them.

So where are demons operating and how can we see them? Yes, we can see them. Not in their original hideous form but inside people. Their actions and behavior.

Demons dwells in the curser, angry gangs, people that hate and kill, rapers, murders, fornicators, adulterous people, shackers, theives, unmarried baby makers, gays, filth and more. All to corrupt man. 

There is no different between you and those having mental behavior. You are in the same sin demon boat.

Also, there are legions of demons that Jesus encountered. Jesus met Satan on earth and Satan tried to get him to turn on his own father. The devil and his army is seeking people to control, to devour. They are still here.

Jesus called out names of demons and told us to resist them and they will flee from us. There are seven demons that can corrupt a world. These demons are a proud person (pride), lust, envy, greed, sloth, Wrath and gluttony. 

But six of these is broken down that Jesus says he hate. Lying tongues, people that do evil, haughty eyes, hands that shed blood, schemers. Yes, these are demons. Church schemers and liars!

More proof that we are to be fighting against demons. This is what God want us to do to help save souls. Not going to a building lying on God. We are to speak love to each other and this is passed on. This how people change. Love is a short word with a long meaning.

We are told to armor up because we are in a war. A war with who? A war with demons. A war with demons entities. Read what the Bible say in Ephesians 6:12;

“ For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” 

Now I wonder what this is all about? It is telling us we are warring against powerful sin. DEMONS!

We are not to play games, pretend like God is fighting our battles. Going to a false Church and letting sin and demons corrupt people.

You can hear demons in people’s mouths when they have no Understanding, believe everything they hear. The more foolish the more people are drawn to it. Also saying stupid things And disrespecting God By believing lies.

Our job is to serve by speaking the truth and warn people of the coming destruction of their soul if they do not change for the good. 

Remember, the second greatest liar and trickster that ever been on earth is Donald Trump! He is our president and corrupting the United States with millions of false Church followers hailing him as king and their savior. They have already taken the mark of the beast.

Christians should be warring against false Christians. But instead they are silent. Worshiping in vain or wasting your time. Few there be that make it in. Think about it!