Donald Trump, Forgiveness of Sin, Sinful Evangelicals

Here is why Evangelicals will not go to heaven. I’m going to prove it to you and you will agree with me. First, they say Donald Trump’s adultery and fornication with many women was in the past and do not affect them in how they view him because he is now a Christian, even though he continues to lie often. 

They continue to believe he is a righteous person even though his recent contact in 2017 shows his lawyer paid 135 thousand dollars to Stormy Daniel to keep quiet. This is new stuff, not old. 

Now, the problem we have here is Evangelicals support him as he continues to lie, as proof of a payoff to keep her quiet is indeed proof.

Continuing to lie often is not a redeemed Christian. Calling and slandering people out of their name during his campaign and as president all during 2017 until present is not a redeem Christian. Dividing people and races are not a redeem Christian.

For Evangelicals to Continue to take up for the liar, love and support the liar just for more pocket money and see nothing wrong with Trump’s behavior is evidence they are not redeemed Christians either. 

Now listen carefully at this! Evangelicals claim Trumps adulterous and fornicating behavior was in the past, and what happens in the past doesn’t matter. A lot of people say the same.
Well, let me tell the lying sinful Evangelicals and others that we confess all our sins to Jesus from the moment we ask forgiveness. 

It doesn’t matter how old or how new they are, they all are brought up before the Lord to receive forgiveness. 

No sins are left out because they were done a long time ago, but all sin right up to the present time is exposed through sorrow, then asking forgiveness. This is basic Christianity! How can Evangelicals dismiss this so easily, except they be Children of the devil?

Still acting and behaving as always is a clear statement that Donald Trump and Evangelical and others like them are not Christians. “GO AND SIN NO MORE,” Jesus said!

They embrace immorality like its nothing but a candy bar and fight to hold on to it. They should be called out as warriors for Satan. Christians should target this group as being the false Church.