By Bishop, B.E. Ward

Did Jesus Go To Church

 Fact! There is no where in the New Testament Bible where Jesus, Paul nor John The Revealer (Revelation), told any disciple (people, Church) to go worship Jesus in a building. In Revelation, Church meant the people that was set up through out Turkey! For example, Church of Sardis! 

Why would Jesus tell the people (the Church) to go worship him in a building when he’s standing right there with them? Could you imagine the look on the disciples faces. They would be totally confused!

The wording of, “Upon this Rock, (Peter),” “I’ll build my Church. This means only that Jesus was starting a movement using Peter as the first beginning of his Church, because Peter, the Rock, was a man after Jesus own heart. This movement, Church, comes under and is headed by Jesus. Nothing more!

Worship is abiding in him and he abiding in you, us. This is a 24 hr a day marriage of commitment and not an on off courtship of breakups and re-uniting every 7 days. 

This type of courtship only leads towards separation when the Groom or the Lamb become ashamed of you and refuse to take your hand before the Father at Judgement! Thus, “depart from me, say the Lord,” “to Hell Fire, because I know you not!”

Go to Church, go to hell. You go to Church, you got to lie! ..