I don't Need To Confess My Sins Before A Pastor

Listen up! Are you telling me I have to wait 7 days before I can confess my sins and that I must first confess it in a building and confess it first before a pastor before it reaches Jesus? Are you kidding me? What if I’m sick and, like in a nursing home or I really need to accept Jesus right now? 

Are you telling me I can’t confess my sins right where I am and become a Christian instantly? Where is it written in the bible that we must go to church or is this something made up? How can one go out side of ones self to worship in a particular place? Where is it written in the bible that say a building is holy and sit on holy ground and Jesus is coming back for these buildings? To do what with them?

Aren’t we (our bodies) the ones housing the word of God, like the “Art Of The Covenant?” Aren’t we the ones that are holy? Aren’t we the temple where the word of God reside in?

If you go to church you go to hell… You got to lie and participate in a lie. Liars will not enter the kingdom of God…. And yes! I can make anyone out to be a liar that go to church, and definitely your false pastor who teach these lies, traditions and rituals to you!… Think about it!

Are pastors needed today?

The answer is NO! Putting the gospel together is over just as when Jesus called the disciples, taught them and went away for them to do the same and the same do to each other until finally Christianity is push forward by many Christians all over the world. Each Christian is a teacher just like the preacher unless you no nothing about the word of God.

However, every one that go to church believe they are a Christian or they wouldn’t be there, wouldn’t you think?

If you are not teaching in many different ways to others you are not a Christian. A Christian having a pastor is like I need my first grade teacher to remind me of my ABC’s. daily. Or I need the (DMV) Division Of Motor Vehicle Instructors to ride with me every where I go to remind me to stop to a stop sign or red light. 

Maybe you do but I don’t. Even that which I most studied in school I remember and use to push my life forward. The same with studying, reading and living by the holy written word of God inside of me. I do, maybe you don’t.

So what can pastors tell a Christian since both are Christians knowing the exact same thing. Nothing! So why do Christians go to these pastors to learn or to be reminded? One reason. They are not Christians, but babes looking to be led and cuddled. They are unable to walk by themselves. They are in a pasture not knowing they have grown up and must leave the pasture just as children grow up and leave their parents. 

Therefore, such people that cannot function by the word of God on their own without having to be taught over and over again is of no good for the mission of a servant or for the kingdom of God to come. Nothing from nothing leave nothing. 

Besides, there is a reason why God want us to live a certain way. Figure it out, you say you are a Christian. Therefore, all things right should come to you. Knowledge you should be equipped with. Why do God want us to live a certain way?

How does pastors, wolves in sheep clothing, as the bible put them, convince so many Christians, as they believe, that they still need to be pastured. To be taught. Needing someone to so called intervene with Jesus for them, as though they cannot?

Simple! Just tell them God called them to the ministry to pastor them. That God is telling them something that is not written in the bible to tell them. Tell them they have the power to pray for others if they pray together in numbers. Tell them that power is stored inside four walls and to harness it you got to be there to get it. 

That one cannot live by the word of God unless once or twice a week they must meet in this building they call a church. Tell them that only forgiveness and receiving forgiveness can only be received in this building and before this pastor.

 Case closed. People believe it and the con job begin without challenge. Any challenge is labeled blasphemy and the scare tactic of fear is believed. All lies.

Yet, Pastors never tell what this new gospel is but continue to falsely twist the original gospel and tell the half truth with mixture of demonic whopping and screaming, waving of hands and straight out comedy club foolishness and the hook is set, the sinker sink and the catch is made. 

Now these followers that said they were Christian are so deranged until they are suckered into paying the pastor to tell them what they already know over and over and over again and they like it with out thought. What a Pity! 

What is the results of having pastors in this age? None! Their and your type of church has produce floods of gays, killers, haters, wars, diseases, sickness, fornicators, adulterers, robbers and thieves, ignorance and liars, sin satisfaction, war between Christian factions, different types of churches with all disliking each other and the beat goes on.  

But wait! There is one the false Church can’t pray away nor try. There is one that whole all the demonic structure of the devil that is being love and want every one to love him. He have all the pastors of the Conservative and Republican side and even many Democrats worshiping him. 

I speak of none other than Donald Trump! The Church building crew and pastors love this foul mouth, lying, hateful individual. They all go to church just as you do and they love the filth that comes out of his mouth. And you call them your brothers as you fight against them. If you can’t see something is wrong with this and this is not the false church, then I say to you, “what are you smoking.”

What have crowding inside a building gotten us over thousands of years, Nothing Spiritually! The world keep getting worst and worst. Why? False teaching! 

 This is why each individual is responsible for trying to save themselves in the end and try to help other to do the same for themselves. No congregation, crowding in buildings, praising others or worshiping pastors and evangelicals can get you to the first Judgment. Only you. 

Only you changing your own life to conform to the word and will of God. Only you can help you? I can only tell you, but you have to make the decision to listen and think. If you say you are a Christian, I should not be telling you nothing new. Therefore, you should be a witness. But I should be triggering thoughts you always had some doubt about.

There is No place to go. You can make the decision right now where you are! Ask forgiveness and move on with your life….. Think about it!