All Hail the Pope… The King of the Earth

If you watched the program on the Pope, you should have almost vomited as true Christian as you watched blasphemy against God. 

You were given a great look into the false Church as the Pope and his followers pretended to be followers of Jesus Christ. Yet, the Pope showed himself as king of the earth while sitting upon his throne, pretending to be Jesus Christ.

He sits, dressed and arrayed in shimmering robes and chains of gold. The Pope is God on earth as his followers grace his present with a kiss onto his hand, falling to their knees, bowing and worshipping him.

According to the bible, the true fake king will be Satan. He will use this seat of the Pope as his earthly throne. If Satan takes his seat as king of the earth, where will the Pope be? 

What place on earth is fit to seat the false head of the earth? “The Vatican!” What place on earth call itself the city of gold? “The Vatican.” What place on earth declared itself of having a Royal Throne and declared its organization as the Church of all Churches? “The Vatican!”

Where would Satan rule from? The Vatican is the perfect place. And if Satan is ruling, there will not be a Pope having a seat against him. So where will the Pope be? Beside Satan?

We could already be witnessing, first hand, the mark of the beast. The great following of the Catholic Church having the number 666 already burned into their forehead or conscious, waiting!

But in the end, they all will fall to death and damnation… The great imitators will fall. Then it will be said of the great whore, “where are your victory!” ….. 
Come out from among them say the Lord. Think about it!