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If so-called Christians Republican are going to Heaven, then send me to hell
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Christmas Tree Worship False Church

Prediction Anti-Christ And The Beast

No Going To Church

Non Prophecy Warring Comes True COVID-19

Jesus did not go to Church

Did Jesus go to Church?

Entertaining Demons


Pastor worshiping and church mingling together in Church buildings

Three Great Liars On Earth - Liar, Liar, Liar

The Expansion of the false Church is huge and so is FEMA​

God made me this way

Where Aliens Thread and the false church of ignorant

Hell wait for pastors and the blind

Going to church want save you

Hurricane Florence False Prayers and running in fear

Together We Stand Together We Die in the false Church

I Told You So - Church Hate - Murder

Pastor Worship and Blind Faith - A morning In Church

 Lying Pastors - Blasphemy- Pastor Worshiping and  The False Church

 Pastor Worshiping

All Hail the Pope… The King of the Earth

 False Sunrise Service and Easter Is for the False Church, Not True Christians!!!

 God Name In Your Mouth, And So What? …. A look into False Church and Quotes

Gun Violence - 2nd Amendment - Militias and the Church

 Donald Trump, Forgiveness of Sin
 Pretenders go to Church while true Christians go to work

 Pastors paying for health insurance and  not relying on God as they teach 

Go TO Church, Go TO The Altar, Go TO Hell

Evangelicals and part time lovers

History of false pastors, their rise and shocking truth

Who is protecting us, is it God?

Trump's Racial Shit Hole Remark and Love of Evangelicals

The World And Christian Lack Of Resistant

Is The Bible Fake News

Are Pastors Needed Today... And 
I Don't Need To Confess My Sins Before A Pastor

History Lesson On The False Church

 The False Church Vs The True Servant

 History of Evangelical extremist

 How to tell a Church liar - PLUS - God called me, they said ..

 Our enemy the Church

 National Health Insurance and Church use of it

 Prayer And The Lies Told On it

Christmas Vs Lottery Tickets

New- A must Read.....The church (false) Putting Jesus through the sacrifice again

How do you feel now that you are out of Church (building)

Understanding the awesome God and Your Role in role in the world

The Purpose of Bible Scripture and God

POWERFUL - The Two Witnesses and How can One Go to Church

Sodom and Gomorrah USA

Many, many may say Lord, Lord, but I don't know them at all

Pretenders of the Gospel

Another Mind changed -- one on one teaching

New - The Book On false Churches

From Me to you My Ignorance

God Answering Prayers Or Is He

Jesus Has No Sister Name Easter

False Church Holding False Revivals Pt. 2

No Such Thing As Going To Church

False people, Prophets and False Prayers

Stop Believing Everything You Hear

The Two Churches And Asking Of Jesus (false church)

Who Is It That God Is Caring For And Why?

Give Thanks For Health Insurance And Doctors

No Hiding In Buildings

You, Not God!

The Third Greatest Story Ever Told -Church Drama

Great Lies Told by Liars

Who Is God That Man Will Play With Him

Silly Lies Of Rick Warren

Who Can Pray And Bring God Down From Heaven

God Is Not Lost In Church Buildings

Saying "Thank You" To God, Then What?

A Building Leading Toward Death

Just stop the lies Church people

Church Revivals are not for the Church

What is prayer, let me tell you again

Rebuilding of the third Temple Mount and altar worshiping

The false Church and it's support for a Trump liar

Christian stand on humanity

Can you go to church to worship

Blasphemy of the name of God

Who do you believe, God or TD Jake

Healthcare and another pastor loses on prayer

Sunday Worship Paganism And Your Role In IT

Altar Worshiping Continue

Donald Trump is not a legitimate President

Warning - many may have already sealed their fate with God

God And Intelligence

Wrong Place Of Worship Where Do You Worship

Demon Possession Show In Your Actions

Worship Of The Tree And Omega


My Final Thought On The Matter of CHRISTMAS - strong words that's needed

Healings and False prophets that Claim Them

False Church And Altar Worship

Philippians 4:13 I Can Do All Things Through Christ Which Strengthen Me

The god of Trumps win

 Hell Wait Patiently for the False Church

I Was Blind But Now I See

Haiti Victims and False Prophets

 Lying Prophets Just Want Die

 Is God a Toy To Be Played With

The Liars And  The Storm

Great Liars Over taking The Church

Donald Trump,The Church And Minority Tricks

Detroit and lying black pastors

God is not protecting Us or You .. Louisiana Flood…. 

Part 2

Is God Really Protecting You Part 1?

Donald Trump Republican Party and Treason

Sunday Building Worship Paganism And Your Role In It 

Racism, False Church, Silly Chief Of Police In Dallas

False Sunday Church Worshiping and Terrorist

The Fate Of Pretenders Within The Church Body  

Why The Written Word?

Blind worshiping in buildings of the false church

Bombing, God’s Protection and Guns

The Sins of  Mother’s Day The Beat Goes On

False Servers of Donald Trump and The False Church

How To Serve God Has Been One Big Lie

Lying Prophets, Pastors and Sins of The United States

False Church celebrate Easter Resurrection

The False Church, Beliefs, Votes and lies

The False Church Loves To Lie

God is my creator but the gun is my protector.

The State Of The Church -Jan - 2016

In Vain do they Worship Me Right On

Knowledge of the spirit led by the blind  

Republican proof of the false church

Are You Really Saved or Are you Lying

False Church celebrate Easter Resurrection

False Church Sabbath Resurrection and Easter Sunday

It’s a fact, Christmas and You may not be Living for God

False Christmas and Church Pastors lying Again... Celebrate "OMEGA" 

Shooting  In California and False Pastor

Lying pastors looking to Donald Trump For Relief

The False Church is Scared of Terrorists-Look to Police

God is not in the healing and miracle business and never has been since bible days. There is absolutely no one in the world that can prove other wise.

Proof: Look back at history of the Church and the world. Nothing but sickness and diseases, war and uncontroled weather and chaos. Poor suffering people all over.

Pastors can do nothing but lie to you about what God will do for you individually. Some, ignorantly believe this as though God will do for them because they are so much more special than the next person.

What the pastor say sound good until you're on your death bed or committed. After which, they can only cover their lies on God by saying, "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away" or "It's the Lord's will.". But that's not what you said, pastor!

We all will be better off if we teach what God really want us to know and live by. Pastor, teach Love!" and stop the lies."

They don't know!
It's sad when most people don't even know why they seek salvation. Most will say to go to heaven. Is that all? Ask your pastor? Better yet, read, "Into the mind of God and a brick wall."

Life will be better if we served the "Constitution of Heaven". Guess what it is?

Never too late to be enlightened

Things are not how you was and is now told. There are truly a government of millions even billions of people serving in all types of positions in Heaven. God is not along with just Jesus, elders and a few Hosts. Heaven is a world of cities, cathedrals of gold and buildings made of precious stones. There are warriors and weapons and mighty machines. Yet, a type of peace and joy free from all manner of sickness and diseases......... "A Look Into the mind of God" and a Brick Wall".... Read it again and again......

Why are you paying pastors to tell you what you already know...... unless you never knew Christ in the first place? You can teach your own children. The Christian Church should be used for study. Then take it out to the highways and into the hedges. Not lock it up!

One Nation    One Party    Under God
A Higher Level Of Understanding Is Here
Who Am 
Check out my 
Ministries of Christ  website

Ministries of Christ  full of spiritual readings and shocking truths... I dare you! Christmas Lies by pastors!
Christian Reformation crusade 

Time to get back to the old religion of truth and understanding. All that has been taught has been mostly twisted lies. Pastors must be held accountable and called out as liars and misleading God's people. New minister's must heed the call of this ministry and teach against these false pastors and ministers. Begin your study right here and win souls back to God. Read "Into the mind of God and a Brick Wall".
Who is God? Is he everywhere?
Is God really in the healing business as pastors pretend? The answer is  No!
God and UFO's. Is it all real? YES!
Why I question white Republican's Christianity 
No such thing as a born again Christian told by so-called Christian Republicans and Democrats churches.
You are being lied to....    What good are you to God if you died right now? Think about it!
Christ didn't come and die for Christians to worship guns or wear them in a civilize system. He came to bring peace on earth and for Christians to teach that. So why aren't they doing that instead of fihting to keep their guns?  Because they are Hypocrites!
“The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of His calling, and what the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints, And what is the exceeding greatness of His power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of His mighty power” (Ephesians 1:18,19). 

Best reading on the web. Enjoy!
When will people ever graduate from Bible School.
You can graduate from high school and college but never the Bible. It's it a learning institution too? Many have been going to Church for decades and still in elementary Bible School. Can't pass the grade. They go to Church every sunday because they fail to understand. This is repeating grades.You must graduate into the highways and hedges sometime being able to teach others. Becoming teachers..... You think about it!
Just a reminder of changing a heart and mind

A Great Man Sentence to Death for                     Denouncing Homosexuality  
Always NEW
Church Sayings Not of God That Make No Sense ...... keep coming back for more false sayings.

Open Challenge To all Pastors To Prove God is Healing Through Them, Visit People On Earth or Answer Prayers.

 Prayer and Healing 7 Day Challenge

False Prophet 7 Day-10 Day God Will Pay Your Bill Challenge

       THE FALSE               CHRISTIAN      CHURCH IS  NOW!

NewSurviving Salvation

New! Going here and there: Pastors are not guaranteed salvation

New! Liars driven by Satan cannot stop lying

Read - Age of the great fallaway

Gay Right Marriage License Kim Davis False Church

War Room  False Church Movie Conspiracy Against God

Not knowing What awaits in Heaven

You Must Be Right To Give Out  Advice

Sunday is robbery day

The Fight Against principalities

God Does Not Live In Walled up Buildings

America's Obession With Gays

Tithes and Lies

Read - Wake Up Call - God Is Not On Earth

Gays Continue To Win Victories Over The C-Church

Can One Give Forgiveness For Murder 

The truth shall set you free-racism and the false church

You can't Defeat violence with prayer   

The False Christian Church Of Today vs True Christianity

 In vain do they worship me

Black Pastors, Black Riots, Thieving Churches

God is not working through people nor doctors

Do God really wake us in the morning

Easter Jewish Paganism Claimed by Christians

Israel Not guaranteed the New Jerusalem, Why Bow to Them  

Is Mental Disorders Causing Pastors and Flocks to Lie

Gay Right Marriage License Kim Davis False Church

War Room  False Church Movie Conspiracy Against God

Not knowing What awaits in Heaven

You Must Be Right To Give Out  Advice

Sunday is robbery day

The Fight Against principalities

God Does Not Live In Walled up Buildings

America's Obession With Gays

Tithes and Lies

Read - Wake Up Call - God Is Not On Earth

Gays Continue To Win Victories Over The C-Church

Can One Give Forgiveness For Murder 
The Comforter vs The Holy Spirit - Who are they? 

"What can I learn at Church today?

Iyana Fix My Life With a Gay Pastor 

Proof that God is not on earth

The Pope and Jesus Comes To Town

Snap Shot to Prove Christianity The Pope And End Time Revealed I Was Right about the False Church

Read - Age of the great fall away​

New- Hell and Fire Imagine Standing Before God

Todays False Christianity And Pastor Worshiping

Pastor Worshiping is Sunday

Trump Declared Himself King Of The Jews

Breaking Out From Stupidity- Open Up To Reality! If your house catches on fire or you need help from violence or needing rescuing from a disaster. Who will you call, Will you call God or will you call the Fire department or the police or human rescuers.,,,,, Who Are protecting you? Is it God or the military, airplanes, submarines, ships and nuclear weapons having us surrounded and pointed out to defend us from other nations....